But you don’t look sick

New research has revealed that over 500,000 people across the UK now have inflammatory bowel disease, which is a significant increase on previous studies. It’s a chronic autoimmune condition which can require lifelong treatment. It’s also invisible. Bryony Hopkins has lived with Crohn’s Disease since she was a child. In this film she meets others living with IBD, including Anthony Andrews who is being admitted into hospital for a life-changing operation and reality TV star Louise Thompson.

Whose van am I driving?

Business has boomed for parcel courier DPD during lockdown. However, a group of 76 former drivers are taking the company to court to fight for employment rights. Ruth Lane, whose husband Don Lane died in 2018 and Alistair Mcleary, whose contract was terminated in 2018, share their stories. DPD strongly refute many of their claims and now offer a new type of contract with more rights, but say most drivers choose the self-employed franchise contracts.

Is this the end of clubbing?

Through lockdown the internet was filled with DJs, musicians and partygoers live streaming or making their own content to keep the club vibe alive. But offline, there are real concerns about the the effect Covid-19 has had on clubs, their owners and DJs in the UK. Lockdown meant the entire nation stopped going out but what is the long term future for the club industry? DJ and broadcaster Jamz Supernova speaks to fellow DJ’s Sherelle and Plastician and other DJs about what it feels like to go fr

Domestic abuse: Surviving lockdown

During the first three weeks of lockdown, 16 women and children died at the hands of men - the highest in 11 years. And the Domestic Abuse Helpline took more than 40,000 calls during the first three months. On 24 March we were all given one message - stay at home. But what if home is the most dangerous place you can be? This film discovers the reality of domestic abuse when you are confined to your home. We speak to survivors and those who fled their abuser during lockdown and find out what th

"If it wasn't for my bag, I would not be here today"

Earlier this month, a man who did not want to live with a stoma died after a judge ruled life-support treatment could end. His story caused an outpouring of shock amongst the stoma community and prompted the question - is there enough mental health support for those facing surgery? Having lived with a stoma for four years as a teenager, the complex emotions this patient must have felt weighed heavy on my heart. The man, referred to as MSP, from South Yorkshire, was in his 30s and had given jud

Emotions are agonising, like being electrocuted

Intense and overwhelming emotions, 'so agonising, it feels like being electrocuted'. This is how Rosie describes life with borderline personality disorder. BPD is extremely complex to diagnose and is recognised as one of the most stigmatised mental health diagnoses' out there. Whilst NICE state that 'people with BPD use mental health services at higher rates than people from other mental health diagnostic groups', accessing a long-term treatment plan for BPD can be a lengthy wait. That's why

10 best gluten free pastas

Gone are the days where there was only one brand of decent gluten-free pasta, which would inevitably stick to the bottom of the pan in one big non-gluten chunk of sludge. Now the shelves are absolutely bursting with gluten-free pasta options – the colours, shapes and sizes on offer are quite frankly, overwhelming. So where to start and which ones won’t break the bank, without compromising taste? After days of testing every shape, taste and price, we’ve rounded up the best gluten-free dried past

Models with scars should be normal, not just a PR stunt

Flicking through the reams of bikini-clad models on the most popular fast fashion websites, there is always one stark difference between the model and me. I have a 30cm scar running from just below my chest to my pelvis, and they do not. I have had Crohn’s Disease since the age of four, which now at the dizzy heights of 26 means I’ve battled with this chronic illness for over 20 years. Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disease, which sits under the umbrella of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

8 recipes so good, you won't even notice they're vegan

Share this article with Google Plus Veganuary has hit our social media big time this month, with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe taking the pledge to go vegan for January. There is a common misconception that it’s all beans, lentils and soya milk, so I’ve compiled eight delicious vegan recipes that taste so good, you wouldn’t even realise they’re vegan. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy these, just appreciative of a good hearty winter meal. The perfect inspiration if you

5 weird Christmas foods from around the world

Christmas may have you licking your lips at the thought of roast and all the trimmings. But not everyone around the world tucks into a turkey, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets. Here are some of the more unusual Christmas foods from across the globe. The ‘mopane caterpillar’ is an edible caterpillar and feeds predominately on the mopane leaf. The harvest time of these little critters coincidentally coincides with Christmas and hence these grace plenty a Christmas plate in South Africa. A

What happened when I stopped eating for a month

Share this article with Google Plus It was day two of the four-week liquid diet and I was ravenous. I was drinking enough supplementary liquids to provide me with enough calories, but my body was screaming for a cake. Or bread. Or pasta. Basically anything. My boyfriend came round after work, after gobbling down his dinner while walking to me so I didn’t have to watch him eat. But the next morning he bought a packet of chocolate crepes for breakfast and brazenly took them out of his bag whi

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try

Share this article with Google Plus We are all prone to slapping a piece of ham between two slices of bread and shoving it in our mouth. Mostly known as a ‘quick’ lunch, or a ‘packed’ lunch or even a ‘boring’ lunch. Well, this National Sandwich Day, I urge you to put down the cheese and pickle and enter into the world of weird and wonderful sandwich fillings. Why not try wrapping your gob around one of these. Oh sweet carbs; how delicious it is to stick crisps between two pieces of bread an

'You drained me of everything I had' - An open letter to my Crohn's Disease

I was just four years old when you started causing mayhem in my body. You foraged your way into my gut, pushed blood out of places blood should not escape and drained me of everything I had. I hadn’t even started school and you were on a mission to ravage my insides. You ulcerated my large intestine beyond repair and stripped me of all nutrients. How could you start so early? How could you be so unforgiving, to a body so young? Boy, were you relentless. You stayed alive and fighting through

Living with chronic fatigue: 8 things you need to know

Share this article with Google Plus Your device will constantly need support in the form of a power cable, or else is falters and just shuts down altogether. This is what it’s like to suffer from chronic fatigue, except there isn’t a constant power cable which can keep us functioning. And when I’m talking about fatigue, I’m not talking about feeling ‘a bit tired’. Here are eight things you should know about what it’s really like to suffer from severe exhaustion, from a person who has lived w

11 things you only know if you're gluten free

Let’s be honest, the whole world and his wife seems to have dipped their toe in the gluten free diet – so it’s just a fad right? With celebrities leading the gluten-free for weight loss brigade, it is unsurprising that the real health reasons many people are gluten free has somehow got lost in the noise. But, the truth is, for many people the battle to digest gluten is like an extremely ugly scene in Braveheart (with less blood). Here’s 11 facts..

My Body Is Amazing And My Scar Shows You Why

Let's take a minute to talk about positive body image. Do you feel positive about your body? Do you love everything about yourself? Do you embrace everything you have and your flaws? This question is becoming increasingly hard to answer. Now imagine you have something on your body which is a little unusual. A scar, stretch marks, a burn... or in some cases, a little part of your intestine sticking out of your stomach to form an ileostomy bag. This little bag has saved your life. The scar has sav

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