22 things you only know if you have coeliac disease

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week – but what do we actually know about this illness which means a totally gluten-free diet? Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease, which means consuming gluten causes an autoimmune reaction. That means the body attacks itself. 1 in 100 people in the UK have the condition, so the chances are you know someone who has it, or at least know of someone who does. So what it’s like to live with the condition: 22 coeliacs tell us. Rachel points out it’s rather important t

8 ways to look after your IBD this Christmas

Share this article with Google Plus The festive season is upon us, and although it’s fabulous to be surrounded by food, drink and merriment, it can be a daunting time if you are dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. IBD affects more than 300,000 people in the UK, according to charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK, and causes inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, what we put into our bodies can often have a direct impact on our Crohn’s or Colitis symptoms, and the Christmas season
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Finding the Balance in the Christmas Season

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and with social invitations flooding our mailboxes, it can be an exciting but overwhelming time of year. December is full of rich food, parties and social gatherings, not to mention thinking about Christmas shopping, wrapping and preparing for the big day.  So, can you get the balance over the festive period? Of course you can! Here are five simple things to keep the balance this Christmas. 1.     It’s okay to say no! This applies to so many situations and once you’

6 of the best Christmas markets across the UK

Share this article with Google Plus It’s Christmas market season, and there are endless options dotted across the UK’s towns and cities. For those looking to do a bit of Christmas shopping or just to get in the festive spirit, here are six of the best Christmas markets in the UK, as described by the people who live there. Deb Sharratt from My Boys Club says: ‘The best Christmas market in Newcastle is the Grainger Market. ‘This hall houses more than 100 businesses with many local, independen
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10 ways to de-stress the mind and relax

This month marked National Stress Awareness Day, and in our busy twenty-first century lives, it’s needed! Often we rush from one activity to another, school run to work, to food prep, to gym… if you can muster enough energy. It begs the question, when do we find time to de-stress without taking the whole day to visit a spa?! I have some good news. There are some very simple things you can do in your daily life to manage your stress levels and realign your mind. And no – they don’t involve going
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World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month, a diet you probably will have heard a lot about in recent months. It has been deemed the new ‘trendy’ diet – but what does a vegan diet actually entail? And how can one still get all their essential vitamins, minerals and protein? Let’s take a look and answer some of these burning questions! A vegan diet excludes all products produced or made from animals. So, of course, this includes all meat and fish, but vegans also don’t consume dairy products, eggs and honey.
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Healthy Weekday Meals

It can be really hard to create fresh, healthy and inventive food during the week – especially when you’ve had a long day. Luckily, I’m here to add some inspiration to your weekday meals! These three dinner recipes are simple, filling and healthy, and will revolutionise your regular weekday dinners. 1 salmon fillet, 1 large garlic clove, crushed or chopped, 1 tsp. chilli flakes, 3 tbsp. tamari sauce, 2 tsp. rice vinegar, thumb of ginger (finely chopped), 1 medium size aubergine (cut into chunks

Where you can volunteer this Christmas to make a difference

Share this article with Google Plus While you’re tucking into your Christmas dinner surrounded by friends and family, there are thousands of people across the UK who are spending Christmas alone, on the streets or in hospital. But there are things you can do to make a difference, right across the UK. This is the time of year where charities are looking for thousands of volunteers to help them support the most vulnerable. The good news is there are lots of opportunities to choose from. But y

National Sandwich Day: 7 fillings you need to try

Share this article with Google Plus We are all prone to slapping a piece of ham between two slices of bread and shoving it in our mouth. Mostly known as a ‘quick’ lunch, or a ‘packed’ lunch or even a ‘boring’ lunch. Well, this National Sandwich Day, I urge you to put down the cheese and pickle and enter into the world of weird and wonderful sandwich fillings. Why not try wrapping your gob around one of these. Oh sweet carbs; how delicious it is to stick crisps between two pieces of bread an
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Autumnal seasonal veg and what to do with them!

You might not be a full-blown veggie, but the new season brings some delicious vegetables, which are now in season. Yes, autumn brings the warming flavours of the likes of pumpkin, butternut squash and also some of the iron rich greens like spinach and Swiss chard.   So you might have heard of some of these, but what do you do with them and how can you consume them in a weekday dinner? I have some top tips to enjoy delicious autumnal vegetables! Butternut squash provides a hearty portion of pot

Here's where to find the best dairy-free and gluten-free brunches in London

Share this article with Google Plus We are a nation of brunch-a-holics. Especially in the capital where you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial who hadn’t ‘had brunch’ in the past month… if not week! Brunch is fantastic sure, but what if you’re dairy AND gluten free? I’ve gone exploring and found you the best gluten and dairy free brunches in London – and it’s not all porridge. This little café needs to be boldly on the map for their gluten and dairy-free offerings. Brunch options inclu

'You drained me of everything I had' - An open letter to my Crohn's Disease

I was just four years old when you started causing mayhem in my body. You foraged your way into my gut, pushed blood out of places blood should not escape and drained me of everything I had. I hadn’t even started school and you were on a mission to ravage my insides. You ulcerated my large intestine beyond repair and stripped me of all nutrients. How could you start so early? How could you be so unforgiving, to a body so young? Boy, were you relentless. You stayed alive and fighting through

Living with chronic fatigue: 8 things you need to know

Share this article with Google Plus Your device will constantly need support in the form of a power cable, or else is falters and just shuts down altogether. This is what it’s like to suffer from chronic fatigue, except there isn’t a constant power cable which can keep us functioning. And when I’m talking about fatigue, I’m not talking about feeling ‘a bit tired’. Here are eight things you should know about what it’s really like to suffer from severe exhaustion, from a person who has lived w
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Chocolate Week - 8 Facts About Dark Chocolate

This October we are celebrating one of the nation’s favourites – CHOCOLATE! Whilst chocolate remains firm on the list of things we say we should give up, chocolate of the dark variety has a surprising amount of health benefits. Yes, it tastes a little bitter, but this is only due to the rich amount of antioxidants that are the lifeblood of dark chocolate. Intrigued? Here are eight things you need to know about dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is packed with a phytochemical group called flavonoids

What happened when I stopped eating for a month

Share this article with Google Plus It was day two of the four-week liquid diet and I was ravenous. I was drinking enough supplementary liquids to provide me with enough calories, but my body was screaming for a cake. Or bread. Or pasta. Basically anything. My boyfriend came round after work, after gobbling down his dinner while walking to me so I didn’t have to watch him eat. But the next morning he bought a packet of chocolate crepes for breakfast and brazenly took them out of his bag whi
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A feast at Pied A Terre

A dinner experience like no other, I recently was privileged enough to try the Tasting Menu experience at Pied A Terre. The restaurant has one magical Michelin star and is located in the middle of Soho – right by Goodge Street Station. Scroll down to the photos for a course by course visual feast and read about the experience below… Asimakis Chaniotis is the man behind the menu and the executive chef of the restaurant, which is owned my restaurateur David Moore, who is regularly, greets and ser

5 best gluten free doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Week

Share this article with Google Plus Sugared, glazed, topped with sprinkles or filled with jam, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a doughnut. And what better way to celebrate this delicious doughy ball of goodness than eat all the doughnuts for National Doughnut Week. However, one of the key ingredients in most varieties is flour. So what to do if you’re gluten free? Luckily these five producers make fresh gluten free doughnuts with zero cross contamination. These doughnuts are not

7 Things You Only Know If You Exercise With IBS Or IBD | MTV UK

Getting your arse to the gym literally embodies a whole new meaning when you have IBS or IBD (irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease). Whilst gut problems aren’t the most glam thing to talk about, they have a massive impact on a workout. Stomach cramps, bloating and nausea are just some of the daily symptoms someone with IBS or IBS might suffer with. And let’s be honest, none of these are conducive to a grilling, sweat-inducing and body-burning exercise session. Read more at

9 things you only know if you have Multiple Sclerosis

Share this article with Google Plus It is estimated over 100,000 people in the UK are living with Multiple Sclerosis, but what do we actually know about it? MS is a neurological condition which impacts the central nervous system, which means the range of symptoms for MS are vast, including vision and mobility problems, muscle stiffness and spasms, extreme fatigue or numbness on the body. We invited nine people living with MS to tell us what it’s like to live with the condition, how they manag
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